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Vacuum Form Mold & Fixtures for Acrylic/ABS Covers

MoldCast Aluminum Mold
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Cast Aluminum Mold
  Trim Fixture5 Axis CNC Trimming Fixture
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5 Axis CNC Trimming Fixture
  Check FixtureCheck Fixture
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Check Fixture

When an American industrial client contracted us to design, cast, and mold a plastic cover for a piece of heavy machinery, Borke Molding Specialists knew we were the right ones for the job. After consulting the customer-supplied STEP file, we knew we could give a quality product back to the client in six weeks turnaround.

We used MasterCam programmed CNC machines to create a foundry pattern to make the permanent alum casting with stainless steel water lines for cooling. We finished the mold with a 200 grit block sanding to make the mold surface as smooth as possible. The Acrylic/ABS material is very shiny and will show any mold defects. We welded a steel draw box and added Lexan windows to aid in the vacuum forming process. A polyurethane board 5-axis trimming fixture is used to hold the plastic part during the 5-axis CNC trimming process. A check gage with tolerance bands CNC cut into the material is use to check the final plastic part for tolerance variation.

The end result was a triumph for Borke. Weighing in at roughly 1,000 lbs., the final plastic component came out to a material thickness of a ¼", 100" in length, 26" in width, and 12" in height with tightest tolerances of ± 1/32" and a shrinkage allowance of .006". For more information about Borke Molding Specialists our projects, please consult the chart below, or contact us today.

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Acrylic/ABS Overlay Materials for a Heavy Machinery Cover Project Highlights

Product Description We manufactured this Plastic Cover for use within Heavy Machinery
Capabilities Applied/Processes Aluminum Casting
  • Create Aluminum Casting of Mold
CNC Machining
  • Programming Produced in MasterCAM
  • Machine Foundry Pattern
  • Machine Polyurethane for Check Fixture
Fixture Design & Manufacturing
  • Manufacture Trimming Vacuum Fixture for 5-Axis Machine
  • Manufacture Check Fixture
  • Weld ¼" Thick Steel Pre-Draw Box
  • Assemble Lexan Windows into Pre-Draw Box (So it is Possible to see Part form Over Aluminum mold.)
Equipment Used to Manufacture Acrylic/ABS Overlay Cover Milltronics BR-50
Overall Acrylic/ABS Overlay Cover Dimensions Final Plastic Component:
Material Thickness: ¼"
Length: 100"
Width: 26"
Height: 12"
Length: 103.2"
Width: 30.8"
1 Cavity
Tightest Tolerances ± 1/32
Shrinkage Allowance: .006 in/in
Temperature Range 150°
Materials Used Mold:
Cast Aluminum
Stainless Steel
Copper Tubing
Acrylic Outside
ABS Inside
Surface Finish (Mold) 200 Grit Block Sanded Smooth
Components Used ¼" Thick Steel
Ø3/8" Stainless Steel Tubing
Copper Tubing
Aluminum Plate & Rails
Polyurethane Boards
¾" Plywood
½" Thick Lexan Windows
In process testing/inspection performed Caliper measurements and paint mold surface then block sand for flatness
Estimated Part Weight 1000 lbs.
Industry for Use Heavy Machinery
Turn Around Time 6 Weeks
Delivery Location United States
Standards Met Customer supplied STEP File.
Product Name Cover Guard
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