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View Examples Of Our WorkCNC Aluminum Pressure Form Mold for Aircraft PartsCincinnati REDS Blow Molded Seat Pan and Back Vacuum Form Mold for Car Front BumperMold Manufacturing of In-Line Vacuum Mold, Die, Box for Lids & TubsVacuum Form Mold & Fixtures for Acrylic/ABS CoversPressure Form Mold for Refrigerator Liners
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Borke Mold Specialists Offers Custom CNC Machining of Patterns & Fixtures

CNC PatternCNC Foundry Pattern
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CNC Foundry Pattern
 CNC Trimming FixtureCNC Trimming Fixture with Suction Cups
[click to enlarge]
CNC Trimming Fixture with Suction Cups
 Check FixtureCheck Gages
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Check Gages

When is comes to making patterns, check fixtures and CNC trimming fixtures, Borke Mold Specialists, Inc is at the top of any heap. Specializing in wood, epoxy boards, polyurethane boards and fiberglass materials, we can produce patterns and fixtures by use of vacuum forming, foundry, CNC trimming, hand trimming, and water jet trimming fixtures.

Our CNC milling machine can accommodate and produce parts that weigh up to 1500 lbs. Using file formats like MasterCAM, IGES, STEP, and AutoCAD (DXF, DWG), we provide our customers with lead times ranging from 1-3 weeks. For more information on Borke Mold Specialists of Hamilton, Ohio, please contact us today, or consult our website for further information.

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Example of a CNC Machining of Patterns & Fixtures Project

CNC Machining of Patterns & Fixtures Capabilities

PatternsVacuum forming
FixturesCNC trimming
Hand trimming fixtures
Water jet trimming fixtures
Check gage / check fixture
ProcessCNC machining
Fabricated Wood
Fabricated Plastic
Pattern Materials UsedWood
Epoxy boards
Polyurethane foam 15 – 50#
EquipmentCNC milling machine
Pattern LifeTemporary
Ownership of PatternsCustomer
Part WeightUp to 1500 lbs.
Additional Services OfferedVacuum forming sample parts up to 4'x6'
Reverse engineering
Mold repair
Quality ControlInspection
Job Number / Paperwork
Instrument certifications
Industries ServedMedical
Clamshell packaging
POP displays
Lead Times Available1 to 3 weeks
File Formats AcceptedMasterCAM
Parasolid (X_T, X_B)

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