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View Examples Of Our WorkCNC Aluminum Pressure Form Mold for Aircraft PartsCincinnati REDS Blow Molded Seat Pan and Back Vacuum Form Mold for Car Front BumperMold Manufacturing of In-Line Vacuum Mold, Die, Box for Lids & TubsVacuum Form Mold & Fixtures for Acrylic/ABS CoversPressure Form Mold for Refrigerator Liners
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Borke Mold Specialists Offers CNC Machining & Finishing of Cast Aluminum Molds for Plastics

Twinsheet MoldTwinsheet Molds
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Twinsheet Molds
 BlowmoldBlowmold in 3 Pieces
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Blowmold in 3 Pieces
 Rotational MoldsRotational Molds
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Rotational Molds
 Compression MoldsCarpet Compression Molds
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Carpet Compression Molds

Whether the project job requires rotational forming, automobile carpet compression, twinsheet forming or blow molding, Borke Mold Specialists can make that mold for you. We can work with a variety of materials, including aluminum plates, aluminum castings, wood, and polyurethane boards. Not only that, but we can apply a full arsenal of proven processes and techniques to get the job done; anything from vertical milling, to deep hole gun drilling, to welding, to even soldering water lines.

Part lengths achieved with 3-axis machinery can reach up to 98 inches, and with 5-axis machines we can attain up to 122 inches. Likewise, maximum part widths can range from 50 inches on 3-axis machinery, on up to 61 inches using 5-axis. Parts can attain 3-axis heights up to 26 inches and 5-axis heights up to 36 inches. Parts can weigh up to 2500 lbs. We can perform all jobs either manually or by employing the latest in CNC technology, and can guarantee lead times ranging from 3-8 weeks.

In addition to providing plastic molding for industries as diverse as medical, automotive, POP displays, containers, and drainage, we offer additional services that include design, engineering, heating and cooling of molds (and checking manifolds), and mold repair. In short, we're ready for pretty much anything. For more information on Borke Mold Specialists of Hamilton, Ohio, please contact us today, or consult our website for further information.

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Example CNC Machining of Mold For Plastic Projects

CNC Machining of Molds For Plastics Capabilities

Intended Molds For Plastics ApplicationsRotational forming molds
Blow molding
Automobile carpet forming molds and fixtures
Styrofoam molds
Twinsheet molds
Materials UsedAluminum - CNC or casting
Polyurethane boards
ProcessesVertical milling
Deep hole gun drilling
Sawing / Cutting
Disc sanding
Sand blasting
Sanding/polishing mold surface
Soldering water lines
Steel spiders with clamps
Steel pin mold locators
Equipment ControlsCNC
Machinery Axis3
Part Length3-axis up to 98 in
5-axis up to 122 in
Part Width3-axis up to 50 in
5-axis up to 61 in
Part Height3-axis up to 26 in
5-axis up to 36 in
Part WeightUp to 2500 lbs.
Additional Services OfferedHeating and cooling of molds check manifolds
Reverse engineering
Mold repair
Quality ControlInspection
Job number / Paperwork
Instrument certifications
Industries ServedMedical
POP Displays
Pallets / skids
Shipping trays
Lead Times Available3 to 8 weeks
File Formats AcceptedMasterCAM
Parasolid (X_T, X_B)

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