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Cincinnati REDS Blow Molded Seat Pan and Back for the 2015 MLB All-Star game.

  Seat Back Bottom HalfCast Aluminum End View Loose Piece
[click to enlarge]
Seat Back Bottom Half
  Seat Back Top HalfCast Aluminum behind Loose Piece
[click to enlarge]
Seat Back Top Half
  Seat Back-Back HalfSandblast Finish for TPO Material
[click to enlarge]
Seat Back-Back Half

Hamilton County came to us to replace the existing seating in the Cincinnati Reds Stadium. The current seats were not made to correct specifications and were failing. The seats were cracking and falling out of the metal brackets. I quickly realized the issues and we made some design changes. There were 8 new molds made to replace the seating. The widths are 19",20", 21" and 22" of the Seat Pan and Seat Back. The new molds are all CNC machined from aluminum billet. The Reds had a problem fastening the seat pan to the metal brackets. The 1/4-20 nut would strip out of the part so we came up with idea of molding a wingnut into the part and using air cylinders to push it up into the part during the molding process. It worked perfect and the whole project was a huge success. It saved Hamilton County over $2 million dollars.

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Cincinnati REDS Blow Molded Seat Pan and Back Highlights

Temperature Range 150° Operating Temperature on Mold
Materials Aluminum

Brass Air Cylinders 

Surface Finish Light Sandblast Finish
Components Used Aluminum Billit M1 Plate

Aircylinders water fittings 

  • 19"
  • 20"
  • 21"
  • 22" 
Features CNC aluminum mold
  • Gun drilled for water temperature control
Spring Loading Clamping System
  • Grip the plastic while molding
Air Cylinders
  • To Blow Pins
  • To move the wing nut up and down
40,000 Seats wer made for the MLB ALL-STAR game in 2015
In process testing/inspection performed 3D CAD was provided and then a tool was designed to make the parts
Industry for Use Stadium Seating
Turn Around Time 16 weeks for 8 molds
Delivery Location Ohio Pinnacle Plastic Products
Product Name Stadium Seating for Back and Pan Blow Molded Parts
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